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What’s Included in Deep House Cleaning?

What’s Included in a Deep House Cleaning?
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May 26, 2022
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What’s Included in Deep House Cleaning?

It is often said, “The best things in life are free.” However, I believe that this phrase should state, “The best things in life are clean!” Having a clean atmosphere around you is not only the key to staying physically healthy, but this practice will also allow you to live a mentally healthier life, happy and free from much worry and anxiety. 

There are two main aspects of keeping your house clean: decluttering and deep cleaning. After the decluttering has been taken care of, you can move on to the extraordinarily satisfying and crucial deep cleaning process. 

What is Deep House Cleaning? 

In order to discuss what's included in deep house cleaning, we must first talk about what deep house cleaning actually is. Deep house cleaning is the process of cleaning your house more thoroughly and efficiently. 

More detailed than your regular cleaning habits, a proper deep house cleaning includes scrubbing out areas that have been collecting dirt for a long time and truly putting some elbow grease into this work. 

If you keep up with your regular, lighter weekly cleanings, deep house cleaning is only necessary once or twice per year. 

Why Should I Deep Clean my House?

While weekly cleaning habits often reach the surface level of germs and dirt, a deep house clean goes beneath the surface layer to catch the mess that has been missed during your regular clean. A deep house clean does exactly what it says it will do–it goes deeper. 

This is critical to the health and happiness of you and your family. A house that has gone through a deep cleaning will experience lower dust, germs, and grime levels. Allergies and illness are more easily prevented in a clean house, and this will bring peace of mind that one cannot put a price on. 

What’s Included in Deep House Cleaning? 

If you haven't performed a deep house cleaning in some time, do not despair. It's never too late to adopt the habit of deep cleaning your house once or twice every year. 

So, what can you expect from this process, and what’s included in deep house cleaning? 

While a deep house cleaning includes your entire home, there are four main categories that you can break down the rooms in your house into: bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, and living areas. Seeing the rooms in your home in categories can help the deep house cleaning process feel less overwhelming. Let's get started!

Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

First, let's address the bathrooms. Germs love to hide in the spots that you forget to scrub in your bathroom during your weekly cleaning. As a result, areas such as the toilet's base and the tile walls in your shower are often overlooked. These spots are always part of what's included in deep house cleaning. 

In addition to this, sanitizing your bathtub, shower, sink(s), handles and knobs, faucets, mirrors, trash bins, and the floor are all incredibly crucial parts of what's included in deep house cleaning. 

Taking out full trash bags and removing cobwebs from the corners of the room are often part of a weekly surface cleaning of your bathroom, but you should also include these tasks in a deep house cleaning. 

Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom

While a bedroom doesn't hold nearly as many germs as a bathroom, deep cleaning your bedroom is still crucial. Critical to having a good night of sleep and enjoying any other time spent in this area, deep cleaning your bedroom can make or break the feeling of your private space. Your day both begins and ends in your bedroom, so it is essential to make sure that it is a place in which you feel safe and comfortable. 

Dusting and vacuuming are two of the main aspects of deep cleaning your bedroom. Additionally, part of what's included in deep house cleaning in the bedroom is removing full trash bags and sanitizing the trash bin, changing bed linens (including the pillowcases), sanitizing handles, mirrors, and any other surfaces. With a deep clean of your bedroom, you will reap benefits you have never experienced before. 

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Because food is stored and prepared in the kitchen, it is pretty beneficial to your health and the ease with which you can cook to keep your kitchen surfaces clean. Sanitizing anything in which food is stored or on which food is prepared is the primary goal of deep cleaning your kitchen. 

This involves wiping down the inside and outside of your refrigerator, the stovetop, oven, toasters and microwaves, and kitchen counters. You should also scrub the floor and wall behind and under your oven and refrigerator. 

Washing and drying your dishes, including any pots and pans, should also be included in deep cleaning your kitchen. You will also disinfect your sinks, floor, and trash bins. 

Deep Cleaning Your Living Areas

Your living areas include any part of your house that we did not mention above. This can be your sitting room, dining room, hallways, and all other spaces in your home. These spaces collect dust and germs, so dusting and sanitizing are just as important here as in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. 

Cleaning the floors (vacuuming or mopping) and dusting and sanitizing any other surfaces in these living areas should be part of what’s included in deep house cleaning. 

Did that feel like a lot of information at once? Maybe you’re feeling intimidated by the prospect of facing this daunting process all alone. Well, you no longer need to know what’s included in deep house cleaning because we will do the work for you! 

Our cleaning experts are the best at performing your deep house cleaning thoroughly and efficiently. You will be amazed and how much better you feel when you step into your home after it has experienced a deep cleaning. 

Contact us today, and let's get you on our schedule. We can't wait to assist you in living your cleanest life. After all, "The best things in life are clean!" 

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