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The Only Deep Cleaning House Checklist You Need!

Deep Cleaning House Checklist
Published on
May 12, 2022
Stress-Free Maids

For most people, deep cleaning is a groan-worthy chore. Not many people gleefully pull out their deep-cleaning house checklist two to three times a year. But, if you're like many people who groan inwardly (or outwardly) when it's time to clean, we have a present for you. 

We've compiled the only deep cleaning house checklist you need, straight from our professional cleaning checklist, to help you get your house shining.

When Should I Deep Clean My House?

Deep cleaning is an extra bit of cleaning to help prolong the life of your home and the things inside it. Think of it like a trip to the dentist, but less painful. You brush your teeth every day (hopefully), but you still go every so often for cleaning treatments to keep everything tip-top.

Every house is different, and so is every family. Depending on how often you do a good clean of your home, you may only need to do a deep cleaning once or twice a year. That's where a spring cleaning checklist comes in handy. 

However, if you're like many of us, you might not be able to sweep, mop, dust, and clean the walls as often as possible. Things pile up, and that's what deep cleaning is for. For those who can't clean as often, deep cleaning might need to happen two to four times a year to keep everything sanitized.

Deep Cleaning Tips

Prepare In Advance - What Do I Need To Deep Clean My House?

Like before attempting that tricky recipe, you need to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients for a deep clean before you start. There's nothing worse than losing your momentum because you have to run to the store (and get distracted by all your other errands) and coming back to a half-cleaned house and half the motivation.

Part of an excellent deep cleaning house checklist is a deep clean tool checklist. We’ve thrown together the most important things that we have on our professional cleaning checklist:

- Rubber gloves

- Abrasive scrub pad

- Disinfectant spray

- Degreaser

- Dish soap

- Two buckets (one for clean water, one for dirty)

- You can throw away disposable rags, scrub pads, or other things for cleaning.

- Spray bottle - you can use your disinfectant spray, but we also suggest having a vinegar solution. Vinegar cuts through a lot. If you mix half and half water and vinegar, it will cut through a lot of scum and slime.

- Scrub brush or old toothbrush

Declutter or Deep Clean, Not Both

It might be tempting to do everything in one fell swoop, but that's a one-way ticket to becoming overwhelmed. Decluttering is a complete process that requires attention, like deep cleaning. If you try to do both, you'll spend an entire day on each room, making it feel impossible to get through your deep cleaning house checklist.

Decluttering is another family-by-family event. While some experts recommend once to twice a year, that might not be enough for your home. If you find you accumulate clutter quickly, you may have to do it two to three times a year.

Go Room By Room
When we say "Deep Clean The House," it tends to come out in a big booming voice full of dread and doom. That's because your house is big, or it sure feels like that when you want to clean the whole thing. Any deep cleaning house checklist worth its salt is divided between rooms to help you break it up.

We're still going to clean the whole house, but we're going to do it a room at a time. This way, you can focus on one thing at a time instead of stressing yourself out over how much you have left to do. So divide it by rooms, saying, "I'll do this room in the morning, then that room in the afternoon." Or even a room a day, if you need to.

Have Fun

Unless you're one of the rare creatures who enjoy deep cleaning, you have to set yourself up for success with this. It can already seem like a dull, impossible task- make it a little easier by putting on your favorite music. 

Have a dance party while you sweep. Adding "Have Fun" to your spring cleaning checklist will make getting through the other items on the list more manageable. Finally, get the family involved and make a game out of who can dust their room the fastest or race to wash your baseboards before they can. 

It might appear silly at first, but when all the deep cleaning is done, there's a faint smell of lemon in the air instead of must, and the whole family is happy; it'll be worth it.

Deep Clean Checklist

The best deep cleaning house checklist is broken down into rooms. We've included a general section for tasks that you should do in every room. We recommend printing this out to follow along:


Dust everything

Sweep, vacuum, mop

Clean vent covers and ceiling fans

Clean windows

Spot clean stains on carpet and upholstery

Wipe down doors and doorframes

Sterilize garbage cans, wastebaskets, and recycling bins

Clean and sanitize doorknobs and light switches

Dust and wash baseboards


Degrease and clean oven, inside and out

Clean stovetop

Clean microwave, inside and out

Dump out crumbs from inside the toaster and clean outside

Clean fridge/freezer

Clean dishwasher

Clean sink


Scrub tile grout

Wash shower curtain

Clean toothbrush holder

Clean inside and outside of toilet, tank and seat

How Stress-Free Maids Can Take The Stress Out Of A Deep Clean

While this deep cleaning house checklist is great for spring cleaning or when you have too much time on your hands, we understand it can get away from you. When the dog bites, the bee stings, or you're sad, you can't always keep up with the little house cleaning chores that put the big house cleaning chores off. 

That's why we offer a deep clean service. If you don't have enough time to do your deep cleaning, the recommended once to thrice a year, the in-laws are coming over, and your mother-in-law will be checking everything with a microscope, or things have piled up and been left too long, we can help. Our professional cleaning checklist has a wide variety of things to get your house spotless in no time.

Included In Our Standard Clean, Deep Clean, and Move-In/Out Services

We offer various cleaning services that we consider the standard for a clean home. These are basic things that help your house feel squeaky clean and sparkling, so we make sure we do them no matter what to clean your home.


Clean cobwebs and dust

Dust window sills, pictures, shelves, ceiling fans, lampshades, and light fixtures

Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors

Clean and buff all mirrors and glass

Clean light switches and doorknobs

Tidy, fold blankets, arrange pillows

Empty garbage and replace the bag

Make beds


Gather dishes, load into the dishwasher and wash if applicable

Clean countertops, including stovetops and burners

Clean microwaves

Clean sink, cabinets, and handles

Clean tables and chairs


Clean countertops

Polish towel rack

Clean sink

Clean and dry shower door, track, and glass

Clean toilet

Clean cabinet fronts

Included In Deep Clean Services

In addition to the services we offer for all cleaning jobs, our professional cleaning checklist has the necessary items to make your home feel brand new.


Dust baseboards

Wipe down windows and frames and baseboards

Doors and door frames dusted

Clean light switches and doorknobs


Clean oven hood vent


Clean inside linen closet and shelves

Tile grout scrubbed

Deep Cleaning Your House Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

You have enough to do daily; the last thing you need is to have a deep cleaning extravaganza hanging over your head. It might feel like you're closer to having to deep clean every week again. We want to make the process easier for you. Contact us to see how we can help you deep clean your house and your life.

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