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What Do Great Cleaners Near Me Look Like?

Cleaners near me
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May 3, 2022

Let's go over what makes a professional cleaner stand out

Do you know that every 7 out of 10 people say that they have no time available to clean their properties?

No wonder so many people are turning to cleaners now to free up their time. If you have ever needed to hire a cleaner, here's some helpful tips on what to look our for when hiring a great cleaner near you, because as we all know, cleaning, like anything, is an art.

Here are 10 things that will distinguish the best cleaners in Chicago!
1. On time

A professional Chicago house cleaner is always on time, or if not, will make sure to notify you if they are running behind in advance.

2. Specialized

A good home cleaner should be specialized in all aspects of the cleaning service, especially the equipment. Vacuum, mops, dusters, products. They don’t scratch surfaces and know how to clean different material floors.

3. Attention to detail

Great Chicago cleaners pay very close attention to detail. They don’t skip any areas, make sure all the corners and nooks & crannies are clean as well! If a cleaner is able to move certain objects they will, and will never just dust or vacuum around!

4. Extra effort

A great house cleaner near you will take the extra step and organize books or any objects on shelves, make sure there’s nothing left on the floor and leave your home spotless.

5 Deep Clean

Deep clean services will be incredibly attentive and make your home look brand new! All baseboards and surfaces will be wiped clean and have no dust.

6. Right Products

A perfect cleaner near you will make sure to use pleasant smelling products and not any that are filled with chemicals or smell harsh. Bonus points if they use eco-friendly products as well.

7. Organized

The cleaner will move from top to bottom, making sure your apartment or home is completely clean and knocking off each area as they move down.

8. Accommodates Pets

If you have pets, an experienced Chicago house cleaner will always be considerate and make sure to vacuum the couch, any cat trees or dog beds along with any areas where pet hair congregates.

9. Efficient

A great house cleaner is also incredibly organized and self-disciplined. When they start cleaning, they are systematic, efficient, and thorough every time.

10. Customer Service

Home cleaning services with great cleaners will always have great customer service and make sure that each client job is completed with the highest quality standard.

When you come across a perfect house cleaner, you will know. The traits listed above are incredibly important for your trusted cleaner to have! You want to be able to maintain trust with your cleaners and believe that they will clean your space as best as possible and also be sensitive to your needs. If you are looking for trusted cleaners that offer the highest quality maid service, feel free to reach out and book with Stress-Free Maids!

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